What a fantastic week!

This week class 7 have had an amazing, action packed week. We have stroked nocturnal animals, learned how to use column addition and produced some amazing writing! To top it all off we have had our flu vaccinations today and got to spend the afternoon with our year 6 reading buddies! We also won the award for the best blog! Class 7 I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Our door of diversity!

This week is anti-bullying week! We have been looking at the theme of we are the same but different. We looked at the idea that we are all in the same class but also all unique and different. To show everyone how unique and diverse we are we decorated our classroom door and made it into a door of diversity! We all made a snowflake and cut our own pattern into it, then stuck our face in the middle. Well done class 7, you worked very hard and our door looks amazing! 🙂 20171115_182107

Nocturnal animals in class 7?!

Today in class 7 we were very lucky to have Dave from raptorxotics join us! He showed us lots of nocturnal animals including an owl, snake, gecko, hedgehog and tarantula! Class 7, which was your favourite animal? Mr Kelly’s was the hedgehog, it was so cute and cuddly!


Collage 2017-11-14 13_08_15

Collage 2017-11-14 19_35_38

Sparkling start!

Class 7 have spent the last few days learning all about Nocturnal animals. Yesterday we looked at different types of Nocturnal animals. Class 7, can you remember the names of any Nocturnal animals?

Today we decided to focus on the owl. We became scientists and were keen to find out what animals owls eat . To began with we learned that an Owl eats its food in one big bite and swallows it whole! We then discovered that because owls can not eat bones and fur, they throw the bones back up in an owl pellet! We were then given some owl pellets to dissect. We discovered lots of bones in the pellets and discovered that they eat mice, moles, shrews and birds! Class 7, can you remember the names of some of the bones you found?



Thoroughly thrilling event!

Class 7 would like to thank all of our wonderful parents for joining us today for some arts and crafts activities! We had such a fun time! We would also like to give a special thank you to Annabelle and her mum for sharing their delicious rock cakes with us!


Stone Age builders!

Today in class 7 we became Stone Age builders. Firstly we looked at some of the houses that Stone Age people lived in and how they were made. Class 7 can you remember what Stone Age people used instead of cement? We then had a go at making our own Stone Age houses.


Marvellous music!

This week the NMPAT string quartet came into school and treated us to some lovely music! They played some familiar tunes such as Uptown Funk and even Peppa Pig! We also learned the names of some string instruments. Class 7, can you remember the names of any string instruments?




Well done to Jovanna and Jay who are our stars of the week! Jovanna has produced some fantastic work and Jay’s behaviour has been amazing!

Well done to Oliver as well who is our Mathematician of the week for having a great growth mindset and showing determination in all his work!